Wednesday, September 28, 2005

hmm. mugging mugging mugging las.
nth much to blog abt actually hahas.
blogging for the sake of.. blogging ?
diaos. aiyo.. today so funny hehes. shellchi, aishah and me madddd de sia hahas.

hmm. helen sis's birthday like so long le hor ?
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marche suntec, hehe celebrating helen sis's birthday
bel , fidel , xiong bearbear-

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the one in purple lors ! NEMO !!

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wads dat face for man, did i really squeeze so hard ?! -.-" ahlarmaks. poor thing la.

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xiong,serene,helen sis,bel,vicTOR,vicSON.
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[notice!] where's my bag ? #o1 at XIONG THERE, #o2 at VICSON THERE ! hahahahs.

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PLUS PLUS ! church carnival ! hahhas. lotsa yummy stuffie ! hehes. candy floss !

missing my special one so much
so stressed up, i get so stressed up when i cant see him =(
everytime im with him i'll feel so relaxed so .. nice
without him everything felt so.. tense up and stressed
he's so busy ='( i really hope 30sept pass quickly.
haven saw him for a week le nehh. so sad.
den i can see my baby le =)
all this headaches are making it worst worst and even WORST T-T
miss being hugged by my baby so tightly and sleep. <3

Saturday, September 24, 2005

awww. so sweet right ? last time darling draw de.. miss the sweet things he used to do so much awww.

whoa. damn tired !today whole day , MUGGING MUGGING MUGGING.
im going bonkers soon. aaaaahhhhh ! I DREAD EXAMS !!
hais. i scared i'll retain !! i MUST DO WELL IN BIO !!
next week will be hell for me ARGH mugging mugging mugging.

okies. ytd's stupid too . i felt dumb las.
cried in sch , during assembly
OMG i felt so baddddd, randall was like trying to cheer me up and stuff and i was already damn irritated cos damn paisehs cry in front of so many people, den i jus push his away and shouted at him. gosh. im such a MEANIE ! ='( thanks god he didnt feel offended or wadever. phew.

hmm. den afterdat randall, vincent, chuanmei, stephanie came to my hse void deck to talk to me. hmm so nice hehes. den we talk talk talk wahh.. steady lehh talk until 7 plus still haven talk finish lor hahahs. WHOA. I ALMOST CAUSE RANDALL TO BE UNABLE TO CELEBRATE FATHER'S DAY IN THE FUTURE LAS. retarded me las. damn funny hahas.

den today vincent so funny, he like msg me aiyo.. how to style my hair ? i dunno where to go to cut lehh. i dunno wad style to cut lehh. i scared i dunno how to style lehh. aiyo. this and that blah blah blah las. make me laugh sia hahas. worry so much. den i like there.. aiyo. leave it to me leave it to me las. hahas. so cute sia he.

miss my baby soooo much ! dat day so sweet darling !! =)) come and find me lehh hehes. *HUGGIE TIGHT TIGHT !* so sswweett ~

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darling described this photo as " aww such a sweet couple nEH !!! " =) my sweet baby.

Monday, September 19, 2005

hehes. go marina sq - monsoon cut hair lor.
shellchi pei me go hehes.
cut my fringe short short again sobssobs.
why they owaes cut my fringe short nehh >.<

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whhoo. see my hair so short wor!

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aiyo joking la hahahs. still long long wor!

go out with darling lehh
go bugis we went to watch sound of thunder.
so sweet lehh on our way there in the mrt so funny we play play play so sweet.
like last time =))
iLoveYou, my baby MUACKS !
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OMG. today my fren looking at this photo , den she keep staring staring SSSOOO LONG ! den suddenly she say so loud " WA LAO! YOUR BOOBS DAMN BIG LEHH". OMG. SO PAISEH NEHH >.<"

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darling so cute !! AWW. my sweet baby.

[ 1o09o5 ]
1st year anniversary. hais. well didnt get to celebrate nehh. gonna celebrate it at a later date. hehe. i really hope it'll be so romantic =)) at the most romantic place doing to most romantic things . awwwww. i wonder when we're gonna celebrate it. hais. anyway we took some photos on dat day =)) so sweet. BUT MORNING DARLING SO SWEET !!!! i was sleeping mar. 9 plus. den suddenly my hp rings rings rings den someone shout DARLINGGGG !!!! den next i hear the window "knock knock knock knock" hahahs. den i still blur blur. huh ? where the knocking sound come from ? hahas. den afterdat wake up le go open window ! AAAHHH !! darling !! hahahs so KE AII !! den i go open door aawww..*TA-DA!!* i got breakfast bbahahahs.
darling send breakfast to my hse ! AWWW ~ is [ I ("v") U ] pancakes ~
and i PRACTICALLY MEANT [ I ("v") U ] pancakes OMG. CHAO SWEET !!!
den darling still wanna kiss me ! i haven wash up lehhs ! aiyo ~ hehes. *muacks* still did hehes. a tiny weenie one doesn't hurts bahh hehehs. den afterdat darling say " darling jus wake up SSOO CCUUTTEE ! " ahlarmaks. cute wad nehh. hehes. so cute. SE BU DE EAT LEHH !!

[ I ("v") U ] pancakes ! AWWW ~
wheee, alot alot things to blog wor !

[o910o5] CLASS CHALET !
morning 8am send hot lemonade to darling's hse hehes so cute darling jus wake up hair all standing ahlarmaks. cos darling having flu , heard dat hot lemonade is a remedy for flu mar =))
hahahas. gosh. damn funny sia randall become our photographer , randall aka daddy , guanleng aka mummy !! family portraits ! hahas. had lotsa fun man hahas. yum yum , BBQ. CHOONG WEI EUGENE !! GET TO WORK LA ! SIT THERE EAT EAT EAT !! LET GIRLS SERVE YOU ALL THICK SKIN !! LOLSS -

CANDID SHOT !! everyone was unprepare !! randall !! lousy photographer !! LOLSS joking las. YOUR THE BEST LA DADDY.

WWHHOO !! pointing at wad nehh??

family portrait #o1 : AHLARMAKS ! ( top left ) SEE ! DADDY SO VULGAR ! HOW CAN !! >.<

family portrait #o2 : aaaawwww. ssooo sswweett ~ FINALLY ! after like 5 same shots finally nice nice hehes.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

okies. time to blogg hahas.
or else people will think my blog's dead all over again .
whee. sickening week . hahahs
okies. 12 days never see darling le.. den finally see him le wors..
but hais. make me cry here cry there. CRYBABY-
saw stupid photos dat makes me go crazy and cry ,
my hamster daldal jus died hais. ITS A BAD BAD DAY.

today in church service i suddenly cried hahas.
gave xiong a shock lolss.
CRY CRY & CRY , but where's my shoulder to lean on ?
where's he who hugs me tight, who used to wipe away my tears, kiss my eyes to kiss those tears away ?

wanna feel so loved , feel so so so loved

today we went out wors..
darling so fierce nehh.. cos we eating den i put my fone on my lap den reply msg
darling say i "tou tou mo mo" nehh. hahas. sobs -
cos is a guy friend ask me out mar..jealous jealous wor someone. hehes
den we go watch the penguin show lehh.. sssoooo cuuuttee nnneehhhh !!!!!!!!!!
but some parts they so ke liann.. watch until wan to cry le.
den i drink ice lemon tea mar.. den hold the cup too near the lid.. den drop the whole cup..
ahlarmaks.. kena scolded sobs sobs..cos i always hold too near the lid there .. sorry mar darling.. dun angry nahh.. sorry hehe.
den we got the electronic fair at suntec there.. aiyo.. so many people..
den darling keep looking at mp3 players hahas. den i like there DARLING !! WO YAO SHOPPING !! hahahhas.

next saturday one year anniversary wors ! hehes. EXCITED.
i wann it to be ssoooo romantic , hahas sucker for romantic stuff & surprises ! hehes.
so happy. looking forward to dat day hehehe. =DDD so happy when i think of saturday hehes.

sweetie =)


MOLEST HIM LA ! lolss-

Fidel&Jel SHOTone #o1

fidelMUACKIIESjeline SHOTtwo #o2 LOLSS-

Thursday, September 01, 2005

very long never blog lerh nehh.
pai sehs ! so lazy ~ hahas
later 4 plus den go outties bahh , 3 plus i go jeline hse , 4 meet "laogong" at KFC hahas.
ytd say meet at the "ah PEH" statue there den i keep laughing hahahs. ( de KFC AH PEH )

hmmm.. dunno wad to wear nehh.. die nahh hahahs
miss my laogong.
10 days never see him le nehh
as in meet dat kind. sobs ='(
missie my baby `

darling so cute hehes.
this morning 2 plus i woke up ..
hahas. cos i broke my glass mug in my slp >.< pain ="'("
my cute cute derh darling ` aww.